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I'm a Mayank and I'm a

Iā€™m a software engineer based in India specializing in building Full Stack applications and Blockchain based applications. I'm a technical content writer at Hashnode. I have experience working with a range of technologies including Django, Flask, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Solidity, MongoDB, SQL, PostgreSQL, Docker and Ethereum. My portfolio showcases a variety of projects that demonstrate my ability to deliver responsive and dynamic web applications.

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I am a Full Stack Developer and Web3 Developer with a passion for learning and can work with estimation of future tasks and client feedback. I am highly-motivated, result oriented, self-driven, hard-working, fast learner and constantly seeking to improve my skills. I have a firm knowledge of JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, Python, Redux Toolkit, React Context, HTML5, CSS3, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, SASS, Material UI, REST API, Axios, NPM, Git, Django, C and CPP.

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